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Families in Care offers unique training packages designed and delivered  by our service users and social workers. Our training concentrates on birth parents' experience of the child protection process, court proceedings and adoption, and on the role of advocacy in social work practice.


This training will be particularly beneficial for social work and family law students, Newly Qualified Social Workers undertaking their Assisted and Supported Year in Employment as well as advocacy workers supporting parents involved with children social services.


The training can also be useful for social work and other practitioners who would like to enhance their knowledge and skills in engaging parents involved in the child protection process.

We also offer a unique training session for adoptive parents. The session is prepared and facilitated by birth parents supported by a social worker.


Please contact us for booking and to receive more information.

Different Perspectives.
Birth Parents,
Child Protection and Adoption

Mothers and the child protection process.

Different Perspectives. Birth Parents and the Child Protection Process.

Contact with legal representatives and the court experience.


This training was prepared by birth parents who were directly involved in the Child Protection process; they share their experience of working with social workers, the Child Protection process and Care Proceedings.


The parents have been professionally supported to develop their training material, which links real practice examples and life stories with social work theories and relevant research.

Birth parents provide personal examples of good and bad social work practice and the effect of this on their lives; they talk about the benefits of long term



This training is aimed at social work students, social workers and other practitioners working with birth parents involved with Children Social Services.

Please                                                 and contact us for more information about this training.

Independent Advocacy and Child Protection

During this training session birth parents who were directly involved in the Child Protection process share their experience of working with legal representatives within the child protection context.


The training has been developed in partnership with experienced family law solicitors engaged in training law students.

The sessions are delivered by a qualified social worker and birth parents.


The participants of this training will learn about mothers’ experiences of the Child Protection Process and of their contact with their legal representatives. Court and power issues will be presented and discussed from mothers’ perspective.

This training will be particularly useful for family law students.



Contact us for more information.







Different Perspectives.
Fathers and the Child Protection Process

This training will be particularly useful for trainees and newly qualified social workers, as well as independent advocacy workers. It can be also tailored to the needs of family law students. The training considers the advocacy as an integral part of the social work practice and at the same time helps to understand the role of independent advocacy in the child protection.


The training deals with parental advocacy and its main aim is to help practitioners to provide best support for parents involved in the child protection process.


Please                                                 for full information about this training and to print it out.

Alternatively contact us and we will be happy to send / e-mail it to you.


We are very proud to be able to introduce training session prepared by birth fathers who share their experience of the child protection process.


Please contact us for more information.


Birth Parents
for Adoptive Parents

This is an absolutely unique training session aimed at potential adopters.

The session has been prepared by birth parents whose children have been adopted. The parents share their experience and talk about their fears and hopes linked to adoption.

Topics raised during the session include letter box contact, meeting adopters and facebook issues.


Please contact Families in Care for further information.


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