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Adoption Support

Separation from children is often traumatic for birth parents. Even after several years from this event parents tell us that they still think about their children and they experience a variety of difficult feelings, such as grief, guilt and shame or identity issues, which all have a great impact on their lives.


Families in Care offers small and friendly support groups for birth mothers and fathers separated from their children.

Most of the parents have experience of adoption, however some of them have been separated from their children as a result of other life events.

Additional support offered:

  • Help with Letter Box or other forms of indirect contact as appropriate

  • Support in participating in Life Story Work

  • Preparation for last contact with child

  • Preparation for meeting adoptive parents

  • Counselling

  • Mindfulness

child protection advocacy, support, adoption suppor
child protection advocacy, support, adoption suppor
child protection advocacy, support, adoption suppor
The groups



The groups have been developed by the women and men accessing Families in Care and they are facilitated by dedicated qualified professionals. Topics discussed during the sessions and the activities undertaken are chosen by the parents themselves.


The groups offer safe and supportive environment to meet other parents with similar experiences, to share coping strategies and to participate in interesting activities.



One--to-one appointments are also available.


Please contact us for more information.



Birth mothers


Adoption, and other events leading to long term separation from children, can have massive impact on birth mothers. The women tell us about difficult feelings they experience, such as anger, grief, shame and hope against all odds to see their children again. They also tell us all over again about often devastating effects of adoption on relationships with their family and friends. Social stigma attached to adoption plays massive role in difficulties experienced by those mothers.


In Families in Care we believe that birth parents are parents for life and that they have every right to be respected and to  receive adequate, best quality support when they need it.



Other support


Other support available in Families in Care includes writing letters to your child, counselling and finding further sources of help. Please contact us for more information.

child protection advocacy, support, adoption suppor


We are very proud to present our first ever poetry book written by the members of our group. The poems reflect painful memories, our loses and gains, fears, dreams and our hopes.


We are sorry, but this book is not available for sale on-line - yet. We are taking our first steps in 'selling and buying' business so please be patient with us!


If you would like to purchase 'Unheard Voices' please contact Families in Care.









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