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Independent Advocacy

Here you can find some information about our advocacy service.

Please contact us if you have any questions, want to find out more, think that we can help you or if you simply need to talk to somebody.




What is advocacy?





Advocacy means assisting people to make infromed choices, to make sure that their voice is heard and that their rights are respected and promoted.


An advocacte is someone who will listen to your concerns, can help you to speak up and to represent your point of view.


Families in Care follows the guidance developed by Family Rights Group which states that the independent advocate's role in the child protection context is to assist parents to participate, as far as practicable, in the decisions being made about their child and to have their viewpoint taken into account, whilst avoiding any action which may or may be seen to collude with potentially placing a child at risk of harm.




We can also support other family members  - please contact us for more information.



What does it mean that we are independent and why it is so important?





It means that our organisation is separate from Social Services. Being independent is fundamental to advocacy as only then it is truly able to adequately support people it serves.


Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance defines the principles of Independent Advocacy as:

  • putting people first

  • being accountable

  • being as free as it can be from conflicts of interest

  • being accessible


Our organisation understands independence in accordance to the Professional Advocacy Services Principles and Standards developed by Family Rights Group - which can be accessed            .



How your advocate can help you?


Our advocates will work directly with you on an outreach basis.

They will listen to your worries and concerns.

They can:


  • Help you understand why you are involved with Children’s Services

  • Help you understand documents and child protection process

  • Help you communicate with your Children’s Social Worker

  • Meet with you to prepare for professional meetings

  • Go with you to professional meeting ensuring that your voice is heard and your point of view is represented

  • Support you at Court Hearings

  • Offer support at the parents group

  • Help you write letters for the Adoption Post Box

  • Support you in finding additional sources of help

  • Respond to your other needs that are not listed here - please contact us to discuss how we can help you


Our advocates will listen to you and will support you.

They will not judge you, they will respect you as a person and they will do their best do help you.

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