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Making the most of your placement

We understand that starting your placement can be both exciting and scary. We don't want you to just 'survive it' - we want you to success and to thrive while being with FIC!


So - here are some tips for you how to make the most of your placement. Please let us know what else could be added here!

Ten things you can do to make your social work practice placement a success - from Community Care



Tips and advice




When your service users don't tell you the truth - social work student reflecting on her experience.

From Community Care.



A guide to a successful social work practice placement - from tips how to start, through how to make the most of supervision to trouble shooting and managing stress. Highly recommended - still refers to NOS-es but not out of date. Access document from palgrave website.



A guide to success

Mark Doel 'Traveller's guide' - Social Work Placement. We've found chapter 'Reflective Diary' really useful, but perhaps other chapters will be of your interest as well. Access from Routledge website.



Reflective Diary

'Top tips' for social work students - a must read (of course it is our subjective opinion) - from The Guardian.



Top Tips

We want our social work students to enjoy their learning experience and to success. Feeling that you are struggling or that you are simply not happy with your placement can be really disastrous. Please have a look at the article 'Dealing with problems on social work placement' for some tips and advices how to cope in difficult situations during your training - from Community Care and Open University.



Dealing with Problems

Some tips for studying - from eduplace.

Studying skills

The importance of supporting social workers’ own wellbeing should not be underestimated - from Community Care.

Take care of yourself

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