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Learning and Development

Having parents at the heart of the service and recognising their potential, over the years Families in Care established the Training Team consisting of birth parents, social work students and practitioners coming together on a weekly basis to learn about matters related to family life, human development and social work practice.

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Social Work Practice Placement Opportunities

Family Law Project

Families in Care has a wealth of experience in providing social work practice placements for both first and final year students. Their final placements meet statutory requirements and offer students the opportunity to work in various areas such as child protection, child in need, court work, and post-adoption work. Families in Care has established partnerships with local universities, including Durham, Sunderland, and Northumbria, as well as with New College Durham.

Families in Care has been also providing successful practice learning opportunities for Durham Family Law students. These have been possible thanks to the support of Durham University Pro Bono Society, and admirable dedication and commitment of an experienced family law solicitor David Banks.




We offer unique, dynamic and thought provoking  learning sessions for the universities, as well as statutory and voluntery agencies.

Looking for effective and practical training sessions on child protection? Look no further! Our sessions are designed and facilitated by birth parent educators and social work practitioners who have real-life experience in the field. We will always tailor our sessions to meet your specific needs and requirements, ensuring you get the most out of your training. Contact us today to learn more!

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