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Therapeutic Writing

Thanks to our fantastic volunteer Lindsay Families in Care has been able to offer birth mothers therapeutic writing sessions. In adition between September and December 2013 the mothers created some art work illustrating their poetry.


You can find some examples of the work on this page - please contact FIC if you wish to buy our book or you would like to find out a bit more about therapeutic writing.


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Lost in the cold, big sea,

Trying to find my pod of dolphins,

Floating and swimming

On the top of the sea,

Searching long and wide,

Day and night.


In the dark,cold sea,

All alone and sad,

Afraid of never finding my pod.

Seeing a glimpse

Of something -

Was that them?


Smelling the sea

And longing for them - The salt sea of tears

Of never seeing them again.

Smelling the long, cold sea,

And other creatures.


Tasting the fish around me

And longing to share

The meal with others.

Touching the sea as I slap the water.

Feeling sad and alone

Longing to be with my pod.


Waiting to be together again

As we always should have been

And never apart.

Always searching

Until the day we're all together

In one big pod.


By D.



God Help Me


The big house was still,

Almost empty.


That was the day

The big house got broken.


No more fun

No more laughter

No more hapiness

No more family.


That was the day

They came

And took my boys away.


God help me

To stay strong

For my boys.


And for them

To come looking for me

When they are older.


God help me to try

And make the most

Out of each day.


God help me to try and overcome

The horrible feelings that I have.


God help me to find some peace

God help me to find some hope

God help me to find some goodness

God help me to find some hapiness.


God help me

To find

The real me.


By H.


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