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Anna's poem



I lie in bed looking at the clock tell myself to go to sleep,

I fall into a deep, deep sleep.


I dreamed I had a baby girl,

A beautiful baby girl with blond curly hair.

A little girl about one and walking around my garden,

The little girl so small and perfected falls in a hole in my garden.

As it was a windy day the wind picked her up and fall into the hole.

All I could see is her tiny little red shoes from the hole,

I ran across and pull her out one of her shoes fall off but I get her in my arms.

Then I take her in my house and shut

The door the wind is banging on the door.

The door flies open and the wind pulls the little girl outside.

I grab her tight and not let go I fight to keep a hold of this beautiful little girl.  Then the wind again.

I have her in my arms and then

A car pulls up a man comes out,

With a little boy.  I smile it’s my Angel, my boy.

He comes running to me and we

Are a family a happy family again

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